Clearing Clutters

Clearing through my drawers supposedly shouldn’t have taken much time. All I had to do was chuck all the trash and hold back whatever it was that I intended to keep. What took so long were the findings I gathered. A Standard 6 math handout; Living Skills exercises; electronic components of unfinished Living Skills projects(notice the plural? –and ironically, Electronics is now my major); old report cards which contains a rather positive artificial side of me; debate scripts; Malay Literature clippings and oodles of other stuff.

So, not only did I sort out on which to dispose and which to keep but I prolonged my task by going through everything thoroughly. The end product? Most of the things somehow seemed to have primary sentimental value. It’s funny how you tend to keep things you hardly look at. But those few times you DO look, you automatically remember the flood of memories it provokes.

Verdict: A lot of junk was kept instead of thrown out.

And waheyyyy… what d’ya know, I found a picture of myself and the good old Smurf I once rode on. Feast your eyes!

Of course, I rode on my blue Smurf years later! Not at THAT age.

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days. –Doug Larson


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