A Coincidence Perhaps?

Some people have this inexplainable ability of bringing ong to others. My dad for instance was noted by some shopkeepers that everytime he walks in their shops, business seems to run a notch higher.

Like yesterday, I chauffeured my parents to this Persian carpet store in Hartamas where most of our carpets come from. Chatting with the owner, my dad asked how business was. Slightly slower than usual was the guy’s humble reply. He casually added that business operations would hopefully ameliorate upon my dad’s visit.

A similar encounter was pointed out by the fishmonger my dad frequents in our neighbourhood market.

I wonder if I have that effect…?

On second thought, the closest thing I can come to that is driving away people. Haha!

It’s hard to detect good luck – it looks so much like something you’ve earned. –Frank A. Clark


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