Back To School

I still recall the excitement of going back to school after a long holiday. Everything was all brand new and it sort of exuded this new spirit of turning over a new leaf and starting afresh. A feeling I don’t seem to get in my tertiary level.

My very first Monday morning of 2005 was spent accompanying my mother to my little brothers’ school settling fees and buying P.E attires. While my mom was queueing up, I was making myself busy looking around the kids in my 8 year-old brother’s class and snapping a few pictures. The class teacher had apparently given handouts of one of those join-the-dots activity and making them colour the picture while he attended the parents.

Now upon connecting the dots, the picture I saw was obviously of a frog. What tickled me was the colour the frogs were represented by. Some were yellow, some half green and half another colour, some even had the center of the froggy coloured in a different shade like Barney! These kids… they must’ve been exposed to frogs of endangered species. Heheh.

My brother the lefty and HIS frog. In green, thank God!

My other brother, pretending to be studious. It’s all fake I tell you!

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child. –George Santayana


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