You’re Too Old For ’em

Just about last weekend, my dad practically dragged me out of bed on a beautiful Sunday morning for a shopping spree. Sounds thrilling doesn’t it? Waking up with someone announcing “Hey! Let’s go manic shopping today!” Sure, only it wasn’t for me. Me brother. So there I was looking rather sulky accompanying two men of the house on something I had absolutely nothing to do with.

You must be wondering what purpose I fit? Beats me! I later found out it was because I knew where everything was and that saved up time. In case you’re wondering, no, I am not a shopaholic. I’m an eataholic.

Anyway, that really isn’t the point of this entry. My dad and I were lounging about in the shoe store while my brother was busy taking his pick when my dad suddenly said, “I wanna buy Safuan and Azri(my OTHER brothers) those shoes with roda. They said they wanted one of those.”

Petrified, knowing what he meant I tried to cucuk him, “Buat apa? Where to play pun?”

Battling inside me, I was all… “NoOooOoo!!! Not Heelyssss!!!” I don’t want my brothers to be annoying the prick out of everybody circling around in those annoying shoes and running over people’s feet!

You know those kids you see around in shopping malls in those shoes? I always have this urge to trip them down. Haha.

For the uninitiated, these are Heelys.

Why is it I never see them in parks like where I used to rollerblade but in shopping malls instead?


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