A Letter To Munirah

Dear Munirah,

Yesterday, your mom called. She told me that you had left something for me and asked of when I was free to pick it up. I told her I’d drop by your place on my way home.

I stopped by your crib later that evening. It felt weird, going to your abode without you greeting me at your front door. Instead, your mom stood there smiling at me, inquiring on how I was getting along and handed over the little beautiful something you got me.

I asked her how her trip to UK was and how you were adjusting over there. We talked outside for supposedly a while but as the conversation grew longer, she invited me in. We ended up chatting about a myriad of things.

When I left, I realized that I had been talking to your mom for over an hour. It sure didn’t seem that long while I was in there. I managed to muster up a lot of things about you. Some that made me laugh, some I didn’t even know you had in you. But it was all good, buddy.

Looking forward to your return in June.

Lotsa love,


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