A Birthday Remembered For Life

Turning 21 only happens once in a lifetime. It’s one those ages where your life comes to a turning point and if you let it go by without making it a significant one, it becomes just one of those other days.

My family and I have never been among those to celebrate birthdays. Our idea of a birthday celebration would be a quiet dinner of juicy steaks at our favourite Victoria Station in Damansara. This year however, my birthday fell among the midst of people celebrating Hari Raya Korban with my whole extended family gathered at my late grandmother’s house where my aunt now resides. Birthday wishes from my family came in later that Saturday, sudden realizations mostly.

I never sensed a surprise party coming up, made happen by my relatives inclusive of my aunts and uncles as well as cousins. I was led to believe something totally non-existent. Believe me, I was wrapped in sheer shock when I opened the door to kids in party hats popping confetti at my face and blowing horns and singing “Happy Birthday” followed by verses of “Allah Selamatkan Kamu”. Prayers were also made led by my uncle before the cake was cut. Nothing beats having family around on of one those important days of your life although it was a shame that I didn’t have my best buddies with me. Definitely, a 21st birthday to remember.

My birthday cake.

A big fat baby spoonfed by her father, just like 20 years ago…

The kids who made the celebration all the more merrier.

To those who sent in birthday messages, called from across the seas and even the one who spoilt me crazy with gifts and a lunch treat(Sarah, thanks loads!!), thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to whoever that delivered me a bouquet of flowers sent anonymously, thank you to you too. Please shed your cloak, at least I could convey my gratitude personally.

I am now 21, legitimate to do just about anything :p

They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body. –Author Unknown


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