Kids & Their Outbursts

My 8 year-old brother, Azri came home one day from his sekolah agama(religion school) clutching his test papers. Upon going through them and pointing out his mistakes, my mom and I came across a question we thought wasn’t supposed to be asked to an 8 year-old. It was the 1st question in his History paper all written in jawi.

1. Zina adalah perkara yang patut _____.
a) dicontohi
b) dihormati
c) dikeji

Sure, we saw a light, blunt, pencil line encircling the A, almost as if showing uncertaincy. Sent my mom and I into fits of laughter. Imagine if it really was patut dicontohi!

First of all, such question shouldn’t be asked to a Standard 2 kid just yet unless proper explanation has been thoroughly given. What’s wrong with optioning mencuri or membunuh instead? Second of all, why would it fall under History!?

When asked if he knew what zina meant, he said “Tak tau. Aji dah tanya ustaz, tapi dia taknak jawab.” I mean come on…


While out window shopping with my mom last weekend, we went into a boutique to check out something of my fancy. Didn’t buy anything anyway but a little girl, accompanying her mom who was busy trying on clothes pronounced, “Mama mama!!! My shishiii come out already!” whilst covering her crotch. Her mom turned a blind eye and resumed with her apparels.

When you get a bad grade in school, show it to your mom when she’s on the phone. Alyesha, 13 — “Kids Say The Darndest Things”


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