I Am A Force Of Nature

The Tsunami Aid Concert was a blast! I really can’t begin to elaborate how good it was. Apart from donating to charity(ehemmm!), I was really in for Boyz II Men. Woohoo! I was four rows away from the stage which meant I had a pretty good view of everything. I was even lucky enough to tangkap one of the not-too-many roses they threw to the crowd! Sure, there was a little struggle with this other lady but hey, best woman wins right?!

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
My precious rose– with love, from Boyz II Men(sorry, couldn’t resist!)

They sang their classics and the whole stadium boomed along with them especially when they performed the ever-famous ‘On Bended Knee’. It was awsome! They played a good number of their ballads and the crowd sang in sync nostalgically.

Of course, there were many other artistes like Ruth Sahanaya, Wyclef Jean, Black Eyed Peas, Anuar Zain and Lauryn Hill among others and special appearances from Paula Abdul, Clay Aiken, Camelia and Jackie Chan. The concert ended up drawing its curtains at about 2.30am and our sportass crowd stayed throughout till the very end.

All in all, the whole concert was fantastic, the cause even more so.


A friend who took up a job as a bodyguard during the concert got to hang out with the stars. One of them being Alan Cum*ing from X-Men. Cracking a joke, he asked Alan, “Alan, how do you introduce yourself? Do you go, Hi! I’m Cumming?”

Alan laughed like hell.

“Forces of nature comes in many forms, some beautiful, others devastating, but one is more extraordinary than them all, mankind’s overwhelming impulse to reach out to those in need. The more people unite under this common human instinct, the greater its power. In the end, the consortium hopes to create a Force of nature that can change the world.” — Razali Ismail (the Appointed Special Envoy to the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s Tsunami aid efforts and former Malaysian UN President)


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