Today, my mom and I went to visit my brother in school with 3 large pizzas and a regular one along with us. While he devoured half of the regular and left the remainder for the hungry wolves in his dorm, he unfolded stories of funny incidents eversince he returned from the week break.

One of them was juniors getting punished for various offenses. Among the minor punishments were prohibition from screenings and outings as well as ketuk ketampi 50 times. A fellow dormmate being punished of ketuk ketampi, was obediently carrying out his penalty when he somehow let out a huge, loud fart upon the count of 25 and sent the whole dorm with echos of the unfavourable. And with that, even the angry seniors couldn’t contain their laughters.

His story reminded me of a time back in high school. I don’t remember if I have told this story before but some might know of it. It was during assembly and the time was just a little after 8am when a little commotion was heard of in the back rows where the 2nd formers were. Apparently, a kid had innocently released a foul-smelling fart(the no-sound type, you know how bad those are) and had the cheek to blame his poor friend who stood beside him. Even the disciplinary teacher came about to see what the chaos was all about. The boy ended up getting detention where he unfortunately had to clean the boys’ toilet.

… the boy was my brother.


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