Look! There’s A Rainbow!

Sometimes it’s just so much easier to fall. To just stop caring, to give up. When life slaps you with the unthinkable, you can’t help but slouch to the floor, losing all possible energy to pick yourself up. Even worse, when there’s no one to catch your fall. Everything is just blackened to a state of despair and flowers and all things nice seems to have ceased blooming… at least through your eyes.

You become so full of hatred all of a sudden and everything you see unfolds a whole new perception. You start to think irrationally, turning into an unknown pessimist and even becoming a nuisance to others. Hey, you even irritate yourself. That’s when you realize that you need time for yourself by yourself, to clear up the things buzzing around in your head.

Then somehow, you miraculously get up. Even without anyone’s help. You snap back to reality, even if it takes a while, even if it takes longer than others. You boldly rise secretly hoping for that rainbow to appear despite the heavy downpour. The belief that hope still lurks.

You get up instantly bursting with hope, because you believe, because you love, because you want to embrace life; rainbows or not.

And you become stronger and stronger with each passing day…

There is nothing so well known as that we should not expect something for nothing – but we all do and call it Hope. –Edgar Howe


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