My dad and I have this thing of sticking out our tongues at each other with our eyes closed whenever we were too tired to argue. It’s like an act of exasperation whenever the other party goes on and on menegakkan benang yang basah. At that point, the non-talking party would just stick his/her tongue out, both eyes shut and look or scurry away as to piss the other party off. Why both eyes closed you ask? So as not to see the other party sticking his/her tongue back at you… and thus the feeling of glory even though you just lost the verbal battle. Then we’d end up laughing.

There was this one time however, my dad did that(yes, stick his tongue out) at my youngest brother. No, they weren’t arguing but my dad just called him purposely wanting to pick up a ‘fight’ and stuck his tongue out at my brother. My brother stuck his tongue out right back at him but my dad kept his eyes shut the whole time while my brother just stood there waiting for my dad to open his eyes so that my dad could see him retort with the same act.

What was hilarious was seeing my brother perched right in front of my dad… nostrils flaring, furiously mad and punching the air yet he stood there for a good few minutes, patiently waiting for the moment my dad snapped his eyes open. I mean really, what’s the point of sticking your tongue out at someone if he/she doesn’t see it, right? You lose all sense of satisfaction. By then my dad was laughing uncontrollably and that pissed my brother even more. My brother must’ve been 6 then. My dad eventually gave in of course. But it’s still funny everytime we recall of the incident.

The great man is he who does not lose his child’s-heart. –Mencius, Book IV


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