La Vie En Rose

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A lot of people(my unimates) have already gotten bored with the extremely long holidays bestowed upon us. On the contrary with me, I’m loving and cherishing every single second of it. I just cannot understand or accept even one plausible reason why anyone would think holidays are boring, unless it’s been a year and you’re still waiting for some college to accept you or some company to call you in. Like Spice Girls would say, “… too much of something is bad enough…”

To those of you still studying, there will come a time where you have to apply for holidays or lie your way through EL’s and MC’s to get one. So be grateful of what has been laid out for you without you even asking for it(at least this is a good thing).

Holidays have given me space to give myself some me-time apart from gruelling my brains with mathematical equations and ambiguous physic theories. It provides me a lapse to clear my head from the mounting stress, to be involved with things and people I don’t always have the privilege of seeing or spending time with; like family and friends: people who matter most to me.

All I’m really reeling about is how much I love holidays aren’t I?

On to another note, my cousin is getting married next week and our whole extended family(yea we’re that tight) are busy with last-minute preparations. A few days ago my mom, aunt and I were out buying materials for the future bride and not only was I chauffeur but also the ‘temporary bride model’ where I got scarves and sash and beaded stuff all over my head and body. The salespeople kept thinking I was the future bride and I of course had to quickly made clear I wasn’t, not until a looong time. The hunt was exhausting and not as easy as I thought. Going from one store to another trying to get colours to match and so on was immensely tiring but I would say fun at the same time. Well at least in the beginning because it eventually became frustrating. Not so sure men would find it as pleasing, hehe.

I can’t help but remember what my youngest brother had asked me on our way to hometown last weekend. We were in the backseat of the van and I was trying hard to sleep but this little guy had so many questions to ask. One that caught me off guard was this, “Kaklong, kuman kalau kena langgar lori mati tak?”

Now would you have thought of asking such question when you were 8?


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