Carpe Diem!

During my booth shifts of our newly formed Tourism Club, I learned that manusia ni memang macam-macam ragam. I can only imagine how people who deal with customers on a daily basis feel.

We had people yang datang sampai 3 kali, asking of the same thing thinking we wouldn’t recognize them. Then there were those who came in clans, where one registered satu clan pun register sekali. Then there were also the pessimists and skeptics who not questioned out of interest but of putting us down. Ada yang no questions asked, terus register and bayar.

Ada tu yang sibuk-sibuk nak compare club yang sama tapi dengan campus lagi satu yang dah lama established. Sometimes rasa nak gelak pun ada, geram pun ada. Some would pretend to be interested but after all the talk and coaxing, they would claim to want to ‘walk around’ first and visit other booths before deciding. Of course, tactic la tu. Mostly never came back and well… we used to do the same thing so we basically knew what went around in their minds.

Dulu irritated dengan orang bagi flyers kat campus. Kalau boleh nak elak-elak. Dapat yang menarik takpe, tapi kalau tak… baca pun taknak. Sekarang bila sendiri kena bagi flyers and orang tak appreciate, baru tahu rasanya macam mana.

Same goes with people. Some people will never appreciate what you do. You give your best, show them your efforts but it doesn’t seem to be enough, they just don’t appreciate you. My advice, don’t feel bad and risk of acting like a fool from trying to impress people. There are others who’ll appreciate you more than you can imagine, who will catch you with a bed of roses when you fall and who’ll love you more than you can ever love them.

To all, appreciate what you have before all is lost. Treat a person like he/she deserves to be treated. Seize the day!

Present your family and friends with their eulogies now – they won’t be able to hear how much you love them and appreciate them from inside the coffin. –Anonymous


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