Sh*t Happens

Last night, 4 of us went to catch ‘Jit Happens’ (read: Sh*t Happens) in Actor’s Studio Bangsar. Starred by none other than Jit Murad himself, the all too familiar standup comedian who can bitch on and on endlessly. I reckon it was an entertaining piece although I was a tad disappointed by the short duration of his show. Last time I went, it stretched way longer than an hour.

If you go, expect lots of political and celebrity bitchings including heaps of sarcasm. If you’re blur, some of his jokes have underlying meanings you just have to delve a little deeper. Don’t suddenly burst out laughing if you just got the joke, he’ll make you squirm in your seat from embarassment. If you’re late, he’ll pick on you or he includes you in one of his impersonations as those who can’t tell time–sarcasm all over again. Most importantly, if you’re a rigid person and cannot accept such openness, it’s not for you. If you are, you’ll absolutely love it.

Oh and he talks of human genitals too.

The show is staged in Actor’s Studio Bangsar from 13-17th July.

“At least we’re better off than Ghana!” –Jit Murad


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