A Glimpse Of My Life

Thanks to Fatin for tagging.

20 years ago, 1985

1) I was almost 2 years old living in Singapore on Cairnhill Road with my parents. It was a beautiful place with ample of space for me to ride my bike in or play with my plush toys.

2) I was the first child and everything was pretty much brand new. At noon, I’d sit with my mom on the couch watching Sesame Street.

3) Sometimes, I was sent over to an aunt’s while my mom went for her cooking and sewing class. She’d pick me up in the evening and let me sample whatever she had been baking that day if there was any to bring home. I always looked forward to whenever she made pizza and oh how I squealed with joy when she cuts me a slice and the mozzarella cheese just stretches before my eyes.

4) My first brother was also born in October that year.

5) Absolutely looooovvvved those machines you put coins in and ride on. I used to call them dagdug, pronounced daahg-doog.

6) I hated it when my dad bathed me (very seldom, only because my mom was tendering to my baby brother then) but whenever he did, he used to shampoo my hair and let all the foam cover my face thus stinging my eyes. I would cry everytime he bathed me and demand for my mom.

7) I used to bug my mom while she cooked. Once, she got so irked while I played around with her jar of salt that she gave me a spoonful of it. I puked and never bugged her again. Resorted to playing masak-masak on my own… far from the kitchen. She still laughs of the incident when I bring it up.

10 years ago, 1995

1) I was in Standard 5 and decided I’d wear a tudung to school beginning that year.

2) I also ran for my house for the 200m relay on Sports Day. We came in second which wasn’t so bad. Now I have too much excess baggage to even run 50m. Haha!

3) During an English test, I was once denied half a mark from scoring a perfect 100 just because my lowercase ‘e’ looked like a ‘c’.

4) My paternal grandfather died that year too during the month of Ramadhan.

5) Went to Club Med, Cherating with family friends on vacation and it had to be among the best holiday ever! They have this superb international buffet to which I and my dad (we share this same hobby) piled up rounds and rounds of yummmyyy, mouth-watering foreign delicacies.

6) Most of all, 1995 was a year I got to know one of my best buddy, Munirah =)

5 years ago, 2000

1) 5 years ago was honeymoon year. I was hoping to get into boarding school after achieving good grades but well… I never got into any. Reason: Private school students don’t exactly qualify (bias!).

2) Representated my school in an elocution competition which I ermm… lost because I forgot my lines. Chiahaha! The next day, I presented the same piece in front of the school during assembly (fared way better!) and wondered why no one laughed at my opening joke contrary to during the competition. Such sengal schoolmates.

3) Late that year, I earned the position of deputy head prefect (only for a few months) before I moved to another school and got replaced.

4) Started wondering why the hell I got myself into science stream after having a dose of Additional Math.

5) Our Vice Principal then, Mrs. Chong even voiced out how she thought I was more inclined towards Arts stream. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you hafta do, not always what you wanna do, Ma’am.

6) It was a fun year, got active in drama performances, poem recitals, choirs, debates, sports and such. Had good close-knit friends and enjoyed that year to a fulfilling extent.

Last year, 2004

1) Tertiary level has been very trying for me. I’m loving everything minus the academic part. I’m so not cut to be an engineer. Maybe I’ll become a teacher or a full-time housewife in the future.

2) In love but got devastatingly heartbroken because of something I guess was never there to begin with. Until God opened another door…

3) My first experience hanging on to the sides of a catamaran, holding on for dear life while watching out for my head! Had a go at parasailing and jet-skiing for the first time too!

4) Little Khadija died of cancer.

5) Reunited with old friends from back in Paris during a wedding ceremony.

6) Ermm, does the tsunami count?

10 years from now, 2015

1) InsyaAllah blissfully married to the love of my life encircled with beautiful children.

2) Perhaps engaged to a job I’m genuinely interested in which I have yet to figure out.

3) Can afford some extras for myself and family.

4) Happy and content with life, surrounded by family and good friends.

mynnnnnn! You’ve been tagged!

George Thomas: At the end of the day, life is just this big wall of reality that we all crash into. “Ally McBeal” (1997)

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