I was driving alone on my way for terawih prayers today. Just as I was making a right turn toward the street heading to the mosque, a motorbike out of nowhere emerged on my side and hit the side of my car. I was soo shocked! The guy fell off his bike right near me. Terrified, I pulled over and got out. Luckily the guy didn’t suffer any injuries.

He justified the situation but obviously claimed that I was in the wrong. I on the other hand swore that I never saw him coming. Determined not to make chaos, I apologized profusely claiming guilty. The azan had ended and I was already late for prayers. Not to mention the incident happened near a mamak’s place and a whole bunch of ’em came over. I decided to better just apologize than kena pukul or something. However they were nice, they asked if my car suffered any damages but there was clearly none.

The guy whom I just knocked down then came over and said something about accidents happen all the time and was surprisingly trying to ease me. Whatever he said then didn’t really register in me coz my mind was all over. But I remember this,

Guy : Saya pun takde apa-apa so tak apala kak(I’m pretty sure I’m younger than him). Kakak pun baik, takde marah-marah pandang rendah dekat saya. Kalau tak, saya pun marah. Kakak bayar saya RM15 sudahla.

Me : Sorryla, saya betul-betul tak nampak awak. (I blabbed on something else then quickly handed him the money.)

Thinking I must’ve been terrified being all alone and all… he smiled and extended his hand. (Batal air sembahyang aku!)

Guy : Takpela kak saya pun takde apa-apa. Sikit-sikit saje.

Me : I’m very sorry aaa.

Guy : Tak apalah kak. (He was all smiles and extended his hand yet again for another handshake.)

… And I quickly drove off for prayers.

I used to wonder how I’d face something like this all alone and it really happened tonight. Sembahyang pun jadi tak khusyuk. My mind kept reverting to the incident. Thank God it was a very minor one and no one was hurt. I’d hate to imagine the guilt if something worse had happened.

Everything that occurred after that was all a daze to me…


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