7 Things

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die(in no particular order):

1) Try pottery. There’s something incredibly sexy about it. I can’t really say. It could be how the hands move steadily and gracefully at moulding a piece of clay into art or it could also be the posture one carries while at it. I don’t know but I’m deeply fascinated!

2) Finish off karate I left off in primary to which I ditched for gymnastics. Hopefully I get to black belt this time.

3) Grow old with the love of my life, whoever he might be. Have beautiful, intelligent and well brought up children and give them the best they can get, just like how my parents have provided for me. InsyaAllah, live long enough to see my children prosper and bestowed the same if not better.

4) Perform hajj–and umrah again.

5) Travel around the world with my partner and make a scrapbook of all the places I went and things I did.

6) I’ve done parasailing (awsome!) and very keen on bungee jumping but considering how my parents would freak at the very thought, I’ll settle for white water rafting.

7) Design my own house and die rich. Hahahahaha!!!

7 Things I Can Do:

1) Cartwheels. Hooyeaaa, make me and I’ll show you!

2) Cook decent meals; rendang, asam pedas(hidup orang Melaka!), sambal(my all-time fav), masak merah, etc. Nobody has flopped down and died so far so I’m assuming my cooking is edible. Heheh.

3) Text while I drive (it’s not right, I know).

4) Lie with a straight face (I don’t usually lie so it happens on extremely rare occasions).

5) My friends say I have this ‘look’. Or rather ‘looks’. I don’t know what they mean by it. *bats eyelash*

6) Drive more than 150km/h (okay it’s 160, don’t tell my dad).

7) Put thoughts into words; write. Stories, poetries, love letters. Ahaaa.

7 Things I Cannot Do:

1) Play chess. Because I get irritated by how slow the game is.

2) Swim. I have tried and tried yet have not succeeded. I’m still trying.

3) Study while listening to music. It irks me when people blare out music when I am.

4) Lie to my mother (not that I lie to my dad).

5) Live/stay with someone who doesn’t have a sense of humour.

6) Wear heels. Enough said.

7) Run in heels.

7 Celebrity Crushes:

1) Dermot Mulroney (actor of My Best Friend’s Wedding).

2) Freddie Prinze Jr.

3) Richard Gere (sue me!).

4) Matt Dillon.

5) Matthew McConaughey when he’s not blond.

6) Angelina Jolie (yes, even we women).

7) Jason Priestly (as a kid, I did).

7 Often Repeated Words:

1) Dammmittt!!!

2) Yehhh?

3) Ohooo!

4) Bugger.

5) Ffffffff!

6) Apa dia?

7) Heyy.

7 Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex:

1) Intelligence.

2) Eyes.

3) Piousness.

4) Ability to speak and write fluent English.

5) Sense of humour.

6) Modesty and humbleness.

7) Honesty.

Tag tag tag to all linked to me!

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.” –Erma Bombeck


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  1. Loved this post….really interesting…

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