What Lies Behind Every Successful Man…

They say behind every successful man, lies a woman. It could be a mother, a wife or even a sister. What is manifested by this notion is that no matter how high a rank, no matter how big a title, no matter how large his bank account is, a man requires a balance that only a woman could fill(unless you’re gay).

Some things just go hand in hand and cannot be left to stand up alone. Like pestle and mortar, like forks and spoons, like Peter and Jane; they cannot be separated. When a person becomes the core of another being, this person will always search for the center of his being to sustain himself be it during joy or sorrow. Thus when you lose your pillar of strength, a void forms where your core used to be.

It explains why men don’t grief as long as women upon a loss and seem to be able to ultimately pick up and move on for the search of another ‘core’ while women are able to manage on their own. At the risk of being slammed by some male chauvinists lurking out there, of course I’m not referring to all men but through observations and real life encounters, it certainly rings true.

Quite a number of men seem to achieve phenomenal growth in whatever field it is they venture with their wives being their strongest supporter. But when a man loses his highly resilient supporter and confidante, what is he to do?

During my dad’s off day once upon a time, my mother and I shopped while my dad offered to baby-sit my brothers. All he really did was make sure they arrived home from school, eat their lunch (which he bought) and get them ready for religion school where their clothes had been ironed before hand. Yet when we arrived home, he seemed thoroughly exhausted upon such minimal task and uttered his disbelief over what my mom goes through every single day.

Ironically, women are known as the weaker gender but the truth is, they carry a whole lot of weight on their shoulders which some may fail to appreciate. Ever since my father left for south in the course of work, it’s funny how my parents had become like old lovers again. How my dad still relies on her to wake him up for work and the fact that they’re constantly calling each other every now and then. I guess Ramadhan has been a testing one for him this year without my mother. Come Raya, a whole new chapter begins…

I don’t know how far you believe in ‘behind a successful man, lies a woman’ but I know the cheekier ones have added ‘behind an unsuccessful man, lies two’. With that, I shall leave it at that and you men with a choice.

“The best property a man can have is a remembering tongue (about Allah), a grateful heart and a believing wife who helps him in his faith.” (Prophet Muhammad S.A.W)


9 responses to “What Lies Behind Every Successful Man…

  1. I completely agree with you Mr/Ms x!

  2. Hi

    I’m afraid I find your explanation rather confusing. Could you please summarise it and tell me what the quote means “in a nutshell” ?

    Kindly inform me when this is done via email.

    Many Thanks

  3. What do you mean ?

  4. yes, i do agree you that behind every man is hand of woman.

  5. That was really good…

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  7. Mad at Misandry

    “At the risk of being slammed by some male chauvinists lurking out there, of course I’m not referring to all men but through observations and real life encounters, it certainly rings true. ”

    Female chauvinism is the accepted form of chauvinism in most intelelctual circles (You seem to have adopted it nicely).

    From my experience with ‘successful’ & ‘independent’ women, I have come to conclude that behidn every successful woman is one or more men who got no credit for helping her.

    My mother took the kids from my father, the car from my stepfather, free rent from her first live in boyfriend. a house from a 2nd live in boyfriend, and MONEY from her lesbian lover while she claimed to ‘raise 3 kids ALL BY HERSELF’.

    Yeah, I know a lot about feminist hypocrisy.

    If you ignore all the good men have ever done and all the bad women have ever done, it can sure loook like men are bad (and women are perpetually suffering), but that makes you a jaundiced harpy who hates men.

    With any luck, you will come to realize women do do wrong soemtimes and men even do good sometimes

    if you ever learn to admit this in public, i bet your depression will go away

  8. Mad at Misandry

    I have long wondered why ‘SUPPOSEDLY’ strong women are so afraid of a strong man.
    Strong women are not nearly as intimidating as they think they are…..They are just turn offs to men who are not self loathing intellectuals

  9. Wow! I have nevr read more biased false statements in my life. I have worked for men all my life and now I work for and with a woman, no ego, smart, strong yet willng to share credit. Men are basically insecure and intimidated by smart, strong independent women, except for my husband.

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