Children At Their Best

Yesterday while queueing up by the cashier, I came across a father and son who were standing right behing me in the line. The little kid, who was no more than 5 had caught his eye on a pair of shoes and was nagging his dad to get them for him. Below is an excerp of what I managed to hear while trying hard to contain myself from laughing.

Kid : Ayahhh!! Nak beli kasut niiii! (while shoving a box of shoes to his dad.)

Dad : Semalam kan baru je beli kasut, kasut apa lagi?

Kid : Dah kecikkkkk, sempit laaa.

Dad : Aik?? Baru semalam beli dah kecik? Banyak la songeh.

And the kid continued nagging… After a while, he complained of being thirsty.

Kid : Ayah, hauslaa. Beli la airrrrr.

Dad : Mana ada air kat sini. Nak air, baju ni tak payah beli ok?

Kid : Lepas bayar belila air, ehhh yahh???

Dad : Tu pili bomba ada.

Haha. Obviously the kid didn’t get his dad’s sarcasm and further asked of ‘bombas’.

Also while queueing, another dad was chasing after his toddler. Chasing and smiling at the same time, I heard him heave, “Penatlah bawak budak-budak nih,” and disappeared behind racks of clothes to retrieve his kid.

My mom and I exchanged meaningful glances and smiled.

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. –Author Unknown


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